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Please contact 

Viviane Nixon for club registration and parent support.


Wickham Elementary School's 2022-23 Chess Club ( back in person) will begin on September 23rd, from  7:05 AM to 7:50 AM, in Wickham's Wizard room.  The club is open to all students at Wickham (K-6).  The club will meet weekly throughout the school year, every Friday afternoon (when school is in session) .  Our coach this year will be James Neal, a popular local chess instructor. 


  • We are requesting a participation fee of $35 per child for the club this year.  This will cover each child's annual membership, trophies for the end of the year tournament, and a coaching stipend for the coach we have hired to tutor players.  Checks can be made out to the Wickham PTO.  If this causes a financial hardship for your family, please do not worry about this, just let  the school know  (your child will still be able to participate).​​

  •  We are continuing a parent participation requirement.  In order to lessen the burden on Viviane, the chess club organizer (who has other kids who are not in chess club!), we are requesting that each family help at one club meeting per child during the year (chess experience not required!).  If that is not possible, please add $20/child to your registration so that we may hire others to attend in your place.  Please note that all first-time school volunteers must fill out the Volunteer Form online.

  • As in previous years, the chess club year will culminate in the spring with a six week/round tournament, with trophies awarded to top players in each grade and top players overall

  • An email with further details  will be sent out after registration is completed.


We are very excited for this year's club, and we hope to continue to carry on the strong tradition established by Romy Lodh and all of the other Wickham Chess Club coaches and leaders of past years! 


All Year Events


Check back for a list of Chess Club Events & Details below.

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