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Due to changes in district guidelines, it has become the responsibility of school PTOs to collect donations and fund the majority of (if not all) expenses related to student field trips, visiting authors and artists, staff appreciation events, and more. The Wickham PTO also provides for enhanced classroom supplies and technology. As we are dedicated to enriching the lives of our students, staff, and families, we rely on a donation drive and other fundraising opportunities to bring this enrichment to life.

The Wizard Donation Drive

In lieu of the PTO asking students to participate in sales fundraisers (i.e. - selling wrapping paper, fruit, etc.), Wickham families elect to hold an annual donation drive. This fundraiser is called the Wizard Donation Drive.


Each year, based on the planned costs of enrichment activities for the coming year, the Executive Board provides a suggested amount for each family.


The suggested annual Donation Amount is: $75.00 (1st student) + $25.00 (per each additional student).

Why the suggested amount?  By each family donating the suggested amount (or more), the Wickham PTO can fully fund all programming and achieve our goal of enriching the lives of ALL of our students, staff, and families. 

Families may contribute via cash or check (made payable to Wickham PTO) and drop off at the Wickham Elementary Main Office or via our easy online donation form (see blue button to the right).  Keep in mind that donation/contributions made to the PTO are tax-deductible. Although a suggested amount is provided, please know that any amount donated is greatly appreciated.



The Textbook and Planner Fees (paid to the District via Powerschool) are NOT contributions to the PTO and are not part of the Wizard Donation Drive or any other PTO Fundraising activity.  Any donations made to the PTO are separate from Fees owed to the District.






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