Roles Needed for 2019/2020 school year:


Chair:  Locate a donor for cookies or other snack provided, set-up and tear-down of refreshment table on the day of the event.  
Committee Member:  Volunteers to help serve refreshments
Chair Commitment:  Moderate immediately prior to and during the event.
BOX TOP REDEMPTION - collections in fall and spring
Chair:  Advertises and promotes this fundraiser through contests. Collects box tops (and labels), counting them and redeeming them for PTO funds.  
Committee Member:  Assist with collection and counting
Commitment:  Minimal but ongoing

COMMUNITY EVENTS - several events throughout school year
Chair:  Responsible for organizing and advertising Wickham community events throughout the year such as BINGO and Movie Night.
Committee Member:  Assist Chair with organizing event
Chair Commitment:  Moderate but ongoing

DPO REPRESENTATIVE - monthly, ongoing
Chair:  Attends monthly District Parent Organization (DPO) luncheons held at various schools throughout the year.  The chair reports information from the meetings to the Wickham PTO at the monthly parent meetings. 
Commitment:  Moderate but ongoing

Chair:  Organizes 3-5 after school foreign language classes (Spanish) offered by Wickham PTO.  This involves maintaining communication with the teachers, hiring new teachers as needed, advertising the classes to Wickham families, processing registrations, communicating with the office and parents, and handling any issues that may come up throughout the year.
Committee Member:  Assist chair
Commitment: Moderate. Bulk of workload is in the fall when students are registering for classes.
Chair:  Organizes events to help raise money for PTO.  This includes but is not limited to restaurant events and Barnes & Noble night.
Commitment: Moderate but ongoing

Chair:  Self-Sponsored. Finds the Team Leader(s) and mentor(s) that assist the team(s).  Helps bring in industry experts around the proposed solution to the Lego League yearly theme.  Secures locations for weekly meetings.  Handles finances and regional event registration. For additional information:
Commitment:  Involved in getting the team leader and location and times for meetings.  Also does the registration and fees for regional events.  A little time in August to get the teams up and running and then a little time in October for regional registration.

Chair: The chair is responsible for working with the PTO Executive Board to decide on items that will be sold each year.  They will distribute and collect order forms in the fall and coordinate delivery of orders when they come in. The chair also coordinates Wickham Wear Days at school.  
Committee Member: Assists chair with sale of Wickham Wear at various events throughout the year.  
Commitment:  Involved in the fall 

Chair:  The chair obtains and organizes donations from local business, Wickham families, & Wickham classrooms into basket prizes for bidding at auction.   
Committee Member:  Assists chair with obtaining donations, and organizing baskets.
Commitment: Involved in the fall