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Wickhams Got Talent 2019-20

We know our Wickham community is filled with talented kids and parents and teachers. Therefore, we want YOU to be in the EIGHTH Annual Wickham’s Got Talent variety show! Each act should be no more than two and a half minutes and WE MEAN THAT! It can be as short as you want. What can you do? Just about anything you’d like…



Do a short skit!

Sing a song!

Tell jokes!
Play an instrument!

Create a dance routine with your friends!

Lip sync a song!

Perform a gymnastics routine!

Recite a poem!

Perform magic tricks!

Show us your juggling skills!

Got another idea???




  • Unlike the TV show America’s Got Talent, there are no judges – you just get to show off your amazing talents to the thunderous applause of your friends and family

  • ​You can have as many Wickham students, parents, staff or teachers in your act as you want. This is an opportunity for the entire family to get on stage and show their stuff. How about a mother-son musical duet? Or a father-daughter dance to Pharrell’s Happy?


  • Each act must have an adult as the contact person. We will do all communication through email, so be sure to put an email address on the permission form. If a parent is part of the act, that parent can be the contact person.


  • There will be a screening of all acts to be certain the content is appropriate for our community. We will ask that you perform the act for Ms. Stiegelmeyer at school, send us a DVD of the act, or give us a link to a video online. Also, if we have more acts than we have time for, we will use the screening to select the acts based on the following criteria: originality, fun, and creating a good balance of different types of acts. We will do everything we can to include all acts – our only restriction is time. (Did I mention every act can be no longer than two and a half minutes?)


  • So that we can be sure our children are presented in the best light, all acts must be fully prepared. Don’t wait to the last minute to start practicing your act!


  • We will have a hand held microphone and a piano available at the space. Everything else that you might need, you will have to provide. Also, you must be able to clear whatever set you have in one minute, so keep it simple! No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium. We will also not allow glitter, confetti or anything else that is difficult to clean up.


  • Each student can only be in one act. All deadlines will be strictly enforced. All performers must attend the rehearsal in order to participate in the show.


  • You are responsible for providing a CD or music file if you are including a song in your act.


  • Each act has to submit only one Entry Form. However, each participant must submit a separate Permission Form with a parent signature and email address.



Return entry form by December 16th

Screening videos due by January 6th

Rehearsal is 6 pm February 4th at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts (CCPA).

Show is February 5th at 6:00 pm at CCPA (performers called at 5:30 pm). These times might change depending on the number of acts we have.

Questions, email

Click PDF file for a link to the entry form
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